A Long Hiatus

After a long break from posting in this blog, I have decided to return here as I need to draw attention to the logical conclusion of a belief system that expects the entire world to bend to its will whilst claiming to be the most oppressed of all oppressed groups.

It often feels to me that women are living in a distopian nightmare that even Margaret Attwood could not have imagined.

I started this blog to write about my own experience in the hope that my story would be found by others who have suffered this way, and so they can know that they are not alone. That their perceptions are real. That they are not “mad” or “evil” or “phobic”. That their words, their lives, and their experience *matters*. That they are not alone.

But now I want to use this blog to write about how the fantasy of some men that is my nightmare is not about individual men, it’s a huge and growing political movement that seeks nothing less than the erasure of women as a political class and as a category of humans with the right to self definition and determination. The objectives of the Transgenderist Political Movement (let’s call it TPM) are a human rights violation against females. I sincerely believe that.

This is about power. The power of men (individually and systemically) – and let’s be honest, it is men leading and funding this – to tell women what we can say, what we can do, who we can (and can’t) associate with, and even what we ARE is as old as Patriarchy. It doesn’t take “all men”, to strike fear in women. Whether that be physical fear, fear of social ostricisation, economic fear. It just needs a vocal few to make sure women know that those threats exist in order to get the message across, and to keep women in our place.

Any “activist” on behalf of the TPM who is reading this, yoi should know one thing :

The gains you make are not based on growing “respect” or “uderstanding”. They are based on the *fear* that your movement intentionally inflicts upon anyone who crosses you, but more specifically upon women.

But guess what? Every day women are waking up to your shit. Every day yoir actions push more and more women towards their “peak trans” moment. Every day we grow bolder. Every day we find each other, support each other, and yes, ORGANISE with each other.

Your blatant displays of contempt for women (as described in the post linked below) is doing you no favours. These examples are being brought into the light of public scrutiny and it’s not looking good for you jackasses. You think you have won these battles. But you are a very long way from winning this war.