The Bias of the BBC

Helen Saxby takes apart how the BBC is failing in it’s duty to provide balanced and un-biased coverage of “controversial” subjects….

Not The News in Briefs

The BBC charter specifies that ‘we should do all we can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality’. I have written numerous complaints to the BBC of late due to the bias in programming regarding  trans issues. After the last complaint (here) I received another inadequate reply, which failed to answer any of the points I had raised, so now I want to look at the BBC’s output as a whole, in order to provide some context for my concern.

It is worth noting to start with what the BBC says about the sources used for its information about trans issues, as this is instructive. Many of the quotes used to defend its stance come from GIRES (Gender Identity Research and Education Society).  Apart from GIRES, the BBC’s view on transgender issues is lifted wholesale from transadvocacy sites such as Gendered Intelligence, Mermaids…

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Watch “Recovery: What was the inspiration for the Surviv…” on YouTube

I came across this today after a friend shared a Youtube clip by this guy, Dr Frank Ochberg.

It resonated with me. I hope it helps some of you still struggling with the chronic after effects of a relationship with an autogynephile.

I hope one day that therapists and the healing community recognises that many of us are left with chronic PTSD symptoms following our experience, and that we get the help and healing we need rather than “education” about our “transphobia”.

Recovery: What was the inspiration for the Surviv…:

Edit: I just found this too.

I hope some of you can use this blog as a space to know you are not alone, and a way to find your voice.