6 thoughts on “Jazz Jennings, teen boy, shows women how to “woman”

  1. I don’t really see him as a child abuse victim even though he is. All I can see is what an entitled little fuck he is. And this is just proof that infantilization of women is still a problem.

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      • I remember loving mermaids when I was his age (14 yrs old). I now dream of being a river nymph or some other kind of female nature creature. Girls are harassed as soon as they are over ten for liking dolls and mythical creatures. Porn them up as fast as possible! But this guy is milking the mermaid thing (has his own business selling silicon mermaid tails to benefit trannie children) that real girls would be mocked for. I find it fetishistic and creepy that many transgenders see Disney movies made for little girls as secretly being about them. I see very highly voted comments on the Mulan reflection song on YouTube about how it should be the transgender anthem and one very highly voted comment on a Laci Green gender hurts men tooooo video about how The Little Mermaid is secretly about trans. Little girls who like MLP are at risk of seeing disgusting porn just by googling art inspired by the show. I find it amazing how many who claim to be on the left cannot see that trannieism could not exist without capitalism. It obviously could not. Mao said tranniesm and homosexuality would go away when bourgeoisieness was abolished. People discount his views on homosexuality now because of the gay rights movement, which they well should, however, he was right about trannieism. Where there even any trannies in feudal China? Any socialism with trannies would fail because no men needs to prance around mocking women in drag. Or perhaps according to the male conception of needs they do need women to play along with their sexual desires.

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      • Mao said homosexuality would go away when bourgeoisieness was abolished? Fascinating. I rather suspect that, if men’s oppression of women was abolished, heterosexuality would much decrease, at least in women.

        He may have been right about transgender, though; it can’t be particularly exciting to dress up in a work overall meant for the opposite sex if it looks almost exactly like that meant for your own sex. (I have often wondered what would happen to transsexuals if they had no way of being perceived as the opposite sex because everyone would wear the same clothes, etc.)


  2. He has the best of both male supremacist worlds. Being pornified at 14 like all young women today are, except being male he probably likes it AND milking his fake ass publicity girlhood for as long as possible and capitalizing off his insulting portrayals of women. I don’t see why so many gender-critical type people even bother to call him a victim of child abuse. Sure he is, in a way, but he is also abusing, gaslighting and insulting every girl who ever has the displeasure of being around him. I cannot tell you how insulting the idea that women are just an idea men have in their head, feels they haz in their hearts is to me. He is not an innocent victim. I don’t even agree with the people saying he must be a gay male just because he is young. He was so young when being indoctrinated into the trannie cult, how can you tell that a 2 yr old wears girl bathing suits therefore gay? I also don’t like the attacking of his mother who suffers from gender like all women do and acting like this is different from any other misogynist ideology which benefits men (it isn’t).

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  3. exactly what i felt instinctively, in my guts. INSULTED. took me years to work through this far just to reclaim my own identity from one of these wankers.. thank you.


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