Horse Whispering

” The media image of the Transvestite is of a gentle caring man who is adored by his wife for his feminine qualities. Often he is compared against the drunken womaniser brimming with machismo who beats his wife regularly. It is not surprising then that those in the caring professions often express confusion when a woman is presented who is traumatised and defeated by her relationship with a gender dysphoric subject.

This dichotomy of experience begs the question of Why?’ some women are unable to cope or escape their perceived ordeal. Certainly individual characteristics relating to both the wife and the spouse are significant. Not all GD spouses are powerful men. Many wives are assertive women. For many couples however this balance is not achieved. Wives are often browbeaten, tired and at least a little neurotic. Many women would have left their relationship, but find that for some reason they are unable to make the move. The commonest complaint that most affects wives is when the spouse openly and persistently apes, mimics, copies or shadows their wife’s actions.”

Those of you reading this who have been through or are going through experiences similar to my own,  will recognise much of what woman is talking about in this article.
This article is from 1998. Little has changed in the ways that “helping” professions deal with the female partners of these men. In fact,  I would go so far as to say that in many ways it is worse. The conspiracy of silence built by the transgenderist movement is effectively further silencing the voices of women who need to speak out about the psychological abuses perpetrated on them by men who demand to be called “women”. If this article was published today, the author would be called  bigot and “transphobic”. She would likely be ostracised, harrassed, and threatened. She would have speaking engagements cancelled due to the concerted efforts of transgenderists and their supporters harrassing venues, demanding that she be “no platformed”, or alleging that her very presence violates “safe space” policies. These are all things that are happening now to any woman who dares to stray from the accepted transgenderist narrative, or who dares to speak their truth. Her words would be branded as “violence”. She doesn’t even have to call herself a feminist for this to happen. Not even the mildest percieved criticism can be tolerated by the transgenderist movement. Most likely because their assertions (being built on an “identity” that requires external compliance to be validated) have no basis in objective reality,  but are merely word-salad and bluster.

Men cannot be women.
Men cannot be lesbians. No matter what name they adopt, what clothes they wear or how many linguistic tricks they pull.
Penis is not female.
Transwomen are men.

The *real* violence, is happening in these relationships, and in forcing women to change what “woman” means – and in the process robbing us of our ability to describe our experiences,  our reality. The very tools of our liberation.

Revisionist History

“However, the fact that I’m female – with female chromosomes, female medical issues, female physiology, and all the bullshit that comes with being a member of the female sex class is NOT the result of a “box on a fucking form.”


Identify however you like. Be yourself. Wear whatever makes you most comfortable. Adopt a new name. Grow your hair out. Get a neck tattoo. Trust me, no one gives a fuck. Enjoy your special life, but don’t foist your bullshit on women. Don’t demand that women tow some PoMo line about our female reality being “just a box on a form.” Don’t tell women that they must defer to organizations like GLAAD or violent misogynists like Fallon fucking Fox.”


I love this blogger. Enjoy.


Revisionist History.