My appearance offends? (v2):

Here’s that creepy fkr with the Brats doll avatar,  “Angelica”. Apparently he thinks I’m “pathetic”.


10 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. He has been rarking up a whole lot of shit with many folk all over the place. He has been trolling and attacking anyone who speaks up against him and obviously has no life. He is a very sick individual.


    • Hey I see you are being hastled by Angelica Perduta as he has posted about it on his facebook TraNZgender site. What an effin creep. I just happened to come across him elsewhere and had a squizz at his facebook and his Interpeople and TraNZgender site. I’m not sure where your ‘discussions’ are taking place but I don’t think I’d waste my time on this creep.


  2. His name is Chris Scaife, I thought he was an MRA spoofing on trans and claiming trans status to abuse feminists, but he is trans and a MRA. I contacted his family to ask them if he was dangerous, found out who there were as “Angelica” has loooong rants about them and is trying to sue them. He has many posts talking about being accused of rape and pedophilia, they confirmed it, he’s both. And this man is legally a woman in NZ, what a sick world. Makes me ill that men like these are now considered part of the gay and lesbian rights movement and that idiot women insist on centering feminism on men like this, trans need to be their own movement and sink on their own.


  3. I’m so pleased you TERFtards so love my videos. I may have to start faking 5 ‘oclock shadow with cosmetics soon… meanwhile how do you like my titties video BTW “not amused” real name is Amanda Rowe, she is a vindictive malevolent TERF cunt just like you lot, and “trolling” is what YOU are doing by posting about me personally without having had any provocation for doings so.

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  4. Ha ha ha….someone got their panties in a twist didn’t they?! (Angelica I mean). I think perhaps she may have fallen over and banged her poor little ol’ head. I happen to know that ‘not amused’ is NOT this Amanda Rowe person as claimed. Sheesh…this guy really has problems.


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