Be that you are: on gender as class

While you want for my next exciting episode I am reblogging this post from Sarah Ditum, who expresses so eloquently the politics behind my motivation to expose my private herstory in this blog.
I am not immune to curiosity about what others have been saying about me, this blog, and my percieved motivations. While Googling “naefearyy”, I came across a number of posts and conversations between trans “activists” and their “allies” and (as expected) I found reactions ranging from, “She is playing the victim,” to, “if she wasn’t a bigot she would understand her partner’s pain” to” She just hates trans women because of one bad experience,
she is tarring us all with the same brush” to “She is lying”…
The point of this blog (I know you are reading this, assholes) is to allow the silent women who have been subjucted to this particular form of emotional abuse at the hands of men who think they are women (those same men who are held up as saintly victims by the transgenderist cult) a space to speak our truths. And also to assure all women experiencing or having had experienced this abuse that it is *not your fault*. That it is all connected to the system of *gender*, that has been and continues to be wielded as the ultimate tool of female oppression. The transgenderists want us to believe that femaleness is nothing more than a “feeling”. We know that it is a brutal reality experienced since birth. Only men have the entitlement to deny that. “Gender” ensures the continuation of that privilege. Sara Dittum spells that out below. Enjoy.


Sarah Ditum

“Be that you are,
That is, a woman; if you be more, you’re none;
If you be one, as you are well express’d
By all external warrants, show it now,
By putting on the destined livery.”
– Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

Be that you are. The impossibility of that phase – delivered by the corrupt Angelo to the virginal Isabella – bit into my brain when I read the play at 16 for my A-levels. If you are something, I wondered, then how is it possible to not already be it? The answer is something I didn’t understand then, something that at 32 I am dimly beginning to comprehend; and the answer is intimately entwined with the vicious double-nature of the category “woman”.

Simone de Beauvoir grasped the same awful truth Angelo expresses when she wrote: “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” In these gender-worshipping times…

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One thought on “Be that you are: on gender as class

  1. Excellent. yes indeed. We are born biologically with an XX chromosome or a XY chromosome. This affects our physical anatomy as well as how our brain is organised to a certain extent. The rest of the ‘roles’ we play in society are in fact dictated to by the society into which we are norn into. Which does largely see those born with an XX chromosome as inferior to those who are born with an XY chromosome. If one studies objectively the majority of socities one will conclude this. Simple as that. Since the begininng of Feminism and the fight for the rights of females there have been males that have felt threatened by this ‘other’…they have sought to subjugate them further in order to keep them in their their second’class’ subordinates. They have made groups such as ‘A voice for men”, and “Men’s Rights Activists’, which have in turn spawned many Radical feminist groups which do not represent the majority. Many Radical Activist Trans are also MRA’s or members of Paul Elam’s A Voice for men’ who are misognysts. So it begs the question..why are these Trans tranistioning into a gender role that the on one hand hate? I have heard one say that ‘women is ‘with’ man’, complementary. And yet this Trans claims to not want sex or a ‘relationship with a woman as he sees them in a negative light. So he becomes his own complimentary gender? To be ‘as one?’ He also I believe, thinks that the female is in fact superior to men and has more rights than they do. In society, in Courts etc. So in being seen as one feels ‘he’ has an advantage…well..that is how it appears to be.


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